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Bring balance to your life through creating your own personal Bach Flower Remedy. Scroll down the page to add more than one essence to your remedy.



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AgrimonyAspenBeechCentauryCeratoCherry Plum
Chestnut BudChicoryClematisCrab AppleElmGentian
LarchMimulusMustardOakOlivePineRed Chestnut
Rock RoseRock WaterScleranthusStar of Bethlehem
Sweet ChestnutVervainVineWalnutWater Violet
White ChestnutWild OatWild RoseWillow

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Bach Flower Remedies work at an emotional level, they seek to balance any negative emotions and give support to us through any difficult times we may encounter in our lives and help us to develop our positive strengths. They are safe for all the family to use and have been used or many years throughout the world by Complementary Practitioners, individuals and families.

The most popular Bach Flower Remedies:

Agrimony for when you feel the need to put on a cheerful face to hide problems.
Aspen for when you feel nervous, anxious and have unexplained fears and worries.
Beech for when you feel critical and intolerant of others.
Centaury for when you feel anxious to please everyone and avoid upset or confrontation.
Cerato for when you feel unsure and need reassurance about your own decisions.
Cherry Plum for when you feel desperate, tense and fearful of losing control.
Chestnut Bud for when you feel stuck and find yourself repeating old mistakes.
Chicory for when you feel possessive of others and hurt when they do not recognise what you have to offer.
Clematis for when you feel a bit vague and dreamy – perhaps avoiding the pain of the present.
Crab Apple for when you feel a sense of self-dislike and shame, not valuing yourself.
Elm for when you feel overwhelmed by pressures or heavy responsibilities.
Gentian for when you feel discouraged as if something has set you back.
Gorse for when you feel despondent and have no hope left.
Heather for when you feel lonely and need other people’s company.
Holly for when you feel angry, frustrated, jealous, suspicious.
Honeysuckle for when you feel nostalgic, homesick and look to the past.
Hornbeam for when you feel fed up and have lost your motivation.
Impatiens for when you feel impatient, hurried, with an inner sense of urgency.
Larch for when you feel unsure of yourself, holding back as you lack confidence.
Mimulus for when you feel fearful of specific things e.g. spiders or flying.
Mustard for when you feel deeply gloomy without knowing why.
Oak for when you feel tired but still struggle on.
Olive for when you feel completely exhausted.
Pine for when you feel guilty and blame yourself – often for no real reason.
Red Chestnut for when you feel worried about other people and fearful for their safety.
Rock Rose for when you feel terrified and panicky (this is in Rescue Remedy which can help too with panics).
Rock Water for when you feel a strong sense of duty, which can get in the way of relaxing.
Scleranthus for when you feel uncertain and can see the benefits and disadvantages for every decision.
Star of Bethlehem for when you feel traumatised, shocked, grieving.
Sweet Chestnut for when you feel in an anguish of painful sadness.
Vervain for when you feel over enthusiastic and want to save the world – today!
Vine for when you feel domineering and strong willed.
Walnut for when you feel vulnerable because of situations, people or changes.
Water Violet for when you feel the need for privacy and to be away from other people.
White Chestnut for when you feel you have a busy head, full of thoughts, which don’t stop.
Wild Oat for when you feel torn in many directions, uncertain where to focus your energy.
Wild Rose for when you feel that you just have to accept what life sends.
Willow for when you feel sorry for yourself and hard done by.

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